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Shandong Ronghua Food Group Co., Ltd.Founded in 1987, , a large-scale production enterprise, integrates breeding hen feeding, chick hatching, feed processing, commodity chicken cultivation, slaughtering processing, cooked and prepared food making, and sale of products. It produces and sells fresh and frozen dorking product series and cooked and prepared foods. The company has an annual productivity of 32 million acceptable commodity chickens and more than 85,000 tons of dorking products. It has been awarded “China CIQ Export Registration Enterprise”, “Shandong Agriculture Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise” and “First-batch National Grade Dorking Cultivation and Processing Standard Demonstration Plot”.

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As the subordinates of Ronghua Group, we have three foods produce company, Ronghua Food Company, Yantai Tianhua Food Company, and Yantai Ronghua Pet Food Company.

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MEAT enterprises top 50 of shandong province
Authentication of the ISO9001 international quality management system
Vice Chairman of Meat Association of shandong province
China green food grade A standard cercificate

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